Testimonials from Clients

I am a big believer in asking my clients for feedback and for testimonials for the work we have done together. I have worked with a range of clients from different countries, and have valued this diversity in my work. Here are some testimonials from pervious clients. What my clients say:

“Marie Louise’s help was invaluable in teasing out the pros and cons of my situation. She was a great support to help deal with the uncertainties in my life. She has a very honest, effective and pragmatic approach which I loved. It really comes across that she knows what she is doing and does it really well.”
S from Dublin.

“Marie Louise’s skillful feedback during our sessions brought such clarity to my thinking that I made two important decisions about my career quickly and confidently.”
M from Manchester

“Marie Louise is an excellent coach, her calm, non-judgemental approach quickly builds rapport and her insights into what is occurring during the coaching helps ensure there is pace and progress during the session. Having said that, she has a knack of not putting you under pressure to move on before you’re ready, whilst also not letting you off the hook when you are skirting around the topic!”
P from London

“Marie Louise is a committed coach, very structured in the way of getting a clear idea of what your goals may be, clarifying any issues surrounding that goal and especially good at detecting any underlying limitations that ned to come out and make you work the options in a more genuine way to achieve real and fast results.”
A from Portugal

“Marie Louise is a caring person with a talent for listening, creating trust, and connecting the clients with their truth. I appreciated her calm, caring presence, supportive questioning, and ability to connect.”
V from Poland