Stress-Busting Tip: It’s the Little Things

Last week I got a new lawn mower, assembled it and started to mow the jungle that is my back lawn. I felt great.. and the garden started to take on a whole new look. However halfway through the mowing, the power cord wouldn’t stretch any further. I still had half the garden to do!!! So I stood for a moment, and thought through my options…. Eventually I thought to my self  “right, lets get this finished.”

I headed off to B&Q and got an extension cord and a leaf blower while I was there. When I had finally finished the job, I stood and took it all in, the smell of fresh cut grass, the clean lines left by the mower and felt great….

Even the simplest things throw us curve balls sometimes.

Have you had a similar experience? What did you do? Would you have done things differently if the same thing happened again? What does that experience tell you about

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