All those in favour of Personal Growth say aye!

Personal Growth is our willingness as individuals to develop and grow.

There are many aspects to personal growth. In this blog I will focus on how our willingness to be open to change is a central aspect of personal growth and development.

  • Personal growth is our willingness to gain a better personal understanding of ourselves.
  • Which includes a deeper understanding of ourselves emotionally, spiritually and psychologically.
  • It is also a key aspect of our ongoing personal development as human beings.


Additionally a central aspect of personal growth is our willingness to step into that place of exploring who we are. We readily explore what makes us tick, as well as how and what we could improve. We readily acknowledge and take full responsibility for all aspects of ourselves. These aspects include how we feel, how we behave, what we say, and how we say it. Thus enabling us to make positive change.

  • Further, it is our willingness to change those behaviours and/or thought processes that are key.
  • This willingness promotes personal development and enables us to consider, adapt, change, or improve.
  • It enables us to improve those aspects of our personality that may be blocking or impeding our progress in life.

Therefore in addressing the difficult aspects of ourselves, it supports better relationships. It also supports better work experience. Additionally it supports our overall sense of wellbeing within our lives. Thus supporting more content living.

Choosing to Change:

With all personal growth work there is an underpinning influencing factor. That factor is our capacity to actively change our negative behaviours and/or thought processes. Personal growth is supported by our capacity to make change. By choosing to change we stretch and grow emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. Thus moving us forward in our own personal development and our emotionoally, spiritually and psychologically development.


Definitely worth a try!



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