How safe do you feel?

William Bloom talks about the need for safety. He believes that feeling safe is the foundation of true success and personal development. He suggests that feeling safe is one of  the foundations of a normal, happy and fulfilling life.

As well as physical safety people also need a core of psychological security. Blooms strategies for feeling safe include:

  • Managing the hormones of safety and fear.
  • Building a reservoir of positive feelings for use in future crises
  • Staying connected to the good things in life regardless of the challenging circumstances
  • Managing your energy and creating clear boundaries
  • Building inner strength
  • Developing courage and chivalry
  • Looking at the things you do not like
  • Staying calm and strong when facing provocation
  • Being larger than the issue
  • Creating atmospheres and attitudes that encourage others.

Bloom believes that by creating this ability to “feel safe whatever the external circumstances is a crucial life skill that is especially needed in the modern world.

If this is something you would like to read more on Bloom has written a book around this. It is called “Feeling Safe: How to be strong and positive in a changing world” it is published by Piatkus.

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