Good Worrying

Worrying, if it done right can actually be helpful. Effective worrying can anticipate problems, devise artful solutions and expand creative possibilities. However, ineffective worrying is what keeps us awake at night, distracts us during the day and gives our physical systems a workout they don’t need.  Dr. Edward Hollowell, of the Harvard Medical School, suggests worry is nature’s way of helping us anticipate—and avoid— danger. Good worry leads to constructive action.

The worst kind of worry is self-perpetuating worry. The more you worry, the more stress chemicals feed back to the brain, telling it to worry more. When you find this happening the best thing to do is:

  • to get physical.
  • Get up, move around.
  • Action will temporarily relieve the worrying.
  • Taking a walk, working out, going for a bike ride or a run can help relieve worry.
  • Exercise increases blood flow, meaning more oxygen to the brain.
  • Exercising regularly means you will probably worry less.

By stepping out of things for a while you may even come back to with a better perspective.

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