Emotions and Thought Processes

Emotions can strongly influence our thought processes, with the knock on effect of impacting our behaviour. By working on improving your emotional intelligence you can learn to identify, acknowledge and accurately express your emotions, while also being able to identify the emotional states of the people around you. This skill has now been proven to have a large impact on the success of all forms of relationships both personal and professional.

Here are five simple steps to start you on your way to improving your emotional intelligence.

  1. Check in with yourself each day, ask the question “how am I feeling today”
  2. Check how those feelings may impact your day ahead?
  3. Find a way to acknowledge your feelings, and then let the feelings go.
  4. Putting your feelings into appropriate words enables you to let them go. (express your feelings and own your feelings, eg: I am feeling angry because… I felt sad when…
  5. By acknowledging your feelings you wipe your slate clean, and this enables you to be more in touch with the situations around you.

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