Personal Development

The Art of Meditation

“The aim of meditation is to transform the mind. It does not have to be associated with any particular religion. Every one of us has a mind and every one of us can work on it” Matthieu Ricard

6 month plan? Do you have one?

If you were to create a 6 month plan for yourself which encompassed all areas of your life what would you put in it? Over the next 6 months what are the priorities for you? How can you support yourself to commit to this 6 month plan?

What do you get out of ten for today? ?/10

Rate your day? What do you give your day?

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With knowledge comes the possibility to Change?

Do you have any particular behaviour or habits that you would like to change? What stops you from adapting or changing this behaviour or habit? Write down the pros and cons of making that change. Then can you acknowledge that to start making the change is a scary thing. It means we will do something or approach something differently. This change may create different outcomes, maybe even more positive outcomes.

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Reflect on your day?

At the end of your day, give yourself some time to sit back and think for a few moments. Think of the strengths you have that enabled you to get through your day. Remember those and applaud yourself for them. Each of us has very unique and special strengths. Was there any situation today that you wished you had handled differently? How and Why?

How do you feel today?

Do you ever wake up in the morning and take just one minute to check in with yourself. How would you like your day to turn out? What can you do personally to support that? If there was one thing that was essential to achieve today what would it be? Now think of any possible obstacles that may get in the way. What can you do to address these and keep moving towards achieving your goal for the day?

Feeling stuck?

Feeling stuck? What do you do when you are feeling stuck? Take a break from the situation or dilemma. Let it go and give your self a break. When you come back to the situation you may see things more clearly.

Personal Power (taking control)

Personal Power (taking control). Remember you cannot change the people or situations around you only the way you interact and react to them.

Where will your path take you?

Where will your path take you? What are your life Goals? with nothing to aim for there is now where to go. Set a goal today and see where it take you.

Confidence is the total belief…

Confidence is the total belief that you can do something. Remember your past, success use this to support your future success. If you have succeeded once you can succeed again and again.