Personal Development

Personal Development and Wellbeing services:

Want to overcome your life difficulties and more confident and at peace?

Hi, welcome to my website. My name is Marie Louise Devitt, I am a Personal Development Specialists. I offer a range of wellbeing services to female and male working professionals in leadership roles. These services are available through a range of bespoke packages that can included face to face sessions, sessions via skype video calls, telephone or email.

  • Feeling constantlly overwhelmed
  • Constantly approaching things on the back foot.
  • Struggling to motivate yourself to do things
  • Not sure what is getting in the way of you feeling good about your life.
  • Know you want things to be different or better but not sure where to start.
  • Tired of the treadmill of life, but not sure how to step off or slow things down.
  • Have things you want to say and do, but not sure how or where to start
  • Things feel chaotic, unfocused and a little out of control
  • Feel you could do better and offer more but not sure how.

By accessing my Personal Development and Wellbeing services you will feel more confident and in control of your life:

All of the above issues can have a big impact on how you engage with your personal and professional lives. By addressing your blocks and struggles early you can get back in control of your life. Additionally you will feel less stressed, more confident and will feel a greater sense of control of your life, and a deeper sense of wellbeing.

I am here to offer you the opportunity to talk through your blocks and struggles, and to give you the space, opportunity to deal with your blocks and struggles. This will enable you to uncover how to overcome any obstacles, and move forward with a peace of mind and deeper confidence in your life and where you are heading.

Our working relationship:

Within our working relationship I will be committed to providing you with a non judgemental environment. This environment will enable you to gain confidence, clarity and a deeper understanding of the issues you are dealing with. I will support you in making the necessary changes to improve your wellbeing. This will enable to you live your life in a way that honours who you are as an individual. While also enabling you to maintain your wellbeing in the longterm.

Book your free wellbeing consultation now:

My wellbeing services are available face to face or by Skype video call, telephone or live chat.  If you would like to arrange a free consultation to discuss your needs please do contact me today or call me on 07825327553 and we can arrange a free initial consultation.